What Are Semi Precious Mobiles?

Beautiful Semi-Precious Mineral Sculptures

Here at ELEMENTS IN MOTION in Southern California, I make my kinetic sculptures. These designs can be suspended from a ceiling,
or displayed on any flat surface when placed on their accompanying hand-shaped stand. My sculptures have healing properties
originating from the stones that are used in their crafting. These suspended minerals are constantly moving without wind or force,
and they have a wonderful Feng Shui effect that brings positive Chi and energy into any space. I use a wide variety of semiprecious
stones, including:
• Amethyst
• Rose Quartz

• Pyrite
• Citrine

• Quartz Crystals
• Malachite

• Titanium Quartz
• And Many More

Inspirations for My Mobiles

Many people believe in the beneficial properties of these stones and choose to surround themselves with them. I construct my
mobiles using 20 to 30 semiprecious stones and crystals suspended together. My mobiles emulate an internal force that is
based on my training in Tai Chi. They require a lot of patience to create, and they are continually moving through the power of
gravity's force.
All of my sculptures are unique, one-of- a-kind creations. I do not do variations on any theme, nor will I not copy someone else's
design and claim it as my own. My sculptures come exclusively from my spirit and soul.